Avatar in Depth

Blue cat people — in SPACE! — with some vaguely technological angle, and a sprinkle of superficial political allegory regarding colonialism — presented in THREE DEEEEEEEEEE!

Still.  Do.  Not.  Care.

People who claim that James Cameron can do no wrong since, after all, he made freaking TERMINATOR TWO! (word, that was awesome) sound just like everyone before George Lucas shat out Jar Jar Binks.  And who never saw Howard the Duck.  And who don’t realize who wrote “Rambo:  First Blood Part Two” (hint, it’s James Cameron).

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One Response to “Avatar in Depth”

  1. oldag says:

    I agree that the story is quite the rehash — but just for correctness’s sake, the blue cat people are never in space. “Space” only plays a small roll in the film, at the beginning — to show that Pandora is ‘far’ away, and you have to hibernate yourself on the trip.

    Other than that, the entire story is terrestrial (or aerial) to Pandora.

    As for 3D, i actually found it uncomfortable at times. I’m highly sensitive to a ‘focused’ movie theater experience, and at times the 3D trickery just comes off as soft and unfocused. When it worked, it was neat — but when they were just showing ‘the film’ sometimes with no apparent 3d effect, it came off as unfocused some times. I may forgo 3D until the technology improves, because I’d seriously just rather watch a sharp film on the big screen.