Pappasito’s disaster – Now with extra glass in your margarita!

So, this isn’t a full review, per se, because I wasn’t the one there — my parents live in Houston, and they ate at Pappasito’s on the Southwest Freeway (yesterday, December 30th) on their trip back from visiting us here in Boston.  When I lived in Houston, I ate at Pappasito’s regularly.  Generally, it’s a quality mid-range Tex-Mex option that’s run by the Pappas family.  (They own several mid-to-high-end restaurants in Texas, all of which started in Houston).  I realize that this week is very busy for restaurants, but there is no excuse for what happened to them last evening:  they were served a margarita with a rather large chunk of broken glass in it.  When my dad bit into it, he spit it out, and they called the manager over.  To make matters worse, the manager rather flippantly offered, “I’ll bring you another one — minus the broken glass of course, hah hah”.  Yeah, really funny, asshole.  Overall, my parents said the food was good (thankfully that hasn’t changed), but that the service was terrible, including their waitress who was flirting with the customers at the table next to them, using their phone to text message.  (Memo to her:  Hooter’s is further north on 59.  Perhaps you should consider employment there instead).  The manager should have immediately apologized for the incident with the glass, but apparently he didn’t even do that.  He also should have promised to find out how this happened and make sure it didn’t happen again.  How on earth can you eat someplace where you’re not sure if the food isn’t going to literally destroy your insides?  I’d have walked out, and needless to say, I won’t return to Pappasito’s when I visit Houston.


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