Tosca Review

Tosca is a higher-end restaurant in Hingham, near where I live.  It’s owned by the group that also owns Stars, which is across the street.  (My wife and I really like Stars, which is an affordable, quality casual dining experience that’s perfect if you have a family).  We went on December 29th, which apparently is a busy time, which was fine.  I had a nice glass of cabernet sauvignon, and we started with some risotto.  The portion size was reasonably large for an appetizer, and it was quite good.  It was a bit heavy on the oil, but not too bad, and the amount of parmesan in it was just right — not overwhelming.  For entrees, my wife had a dry-aged boneless ribeye, and I had the “entree” portion of lobster ravioli.  The chef made the questionable choice of pairing the shallots, steak, and red-wine reduction sauce with cabbage, so my wife (wisely) substituted out the cabbage for some garlic mashed potatoes, which were delicious.  Her steak was large — perhaps 12 or 16oz — and quite carefully made and presented, and the sauce was just perfect with it.

My lobster ravioli was presented on a long rectangular plate, with each ravioli lined up.  The mild wine-reduction-and-cream sauce and sauted vegetables were flavorful and good, but there was a glaring problem with my ravioli:  there were only 5 of them.  For $27.  I am not cheap — I have no problem paying $50+ a head for a quality meal out, but this was ridiculous.  The ravioli portion size is wildly disproportionate to everything else offered as a meal at Tosca.  I’d have been much happier if they gave me 7 or 8 of them & charged me $35 instead of misleading me into believing I was ordering an entire meal.  The ravioli is marked as “entree sized” because Tosca rather obnoxiously notes on their menu that there’s an additional $11 charge to order pasta as an entree.  One would think that, since they conscientiously distinguish between smaller and larger portions, that the larger portion would be appropriate.  I noted this to the waitress, who seemed to indicate that they’d heard this before.  I definitely did not get the impression that they were going to change it any time soon, however.  Overall, the food was quite good, but there were some odd choices by the chef here (portion size being the primary among them, but also the questionable pairing of cabbage with steak & wine sauce).  Given that Bernard’s is nearby, I think I’ll be skipping another trip to Tosca in favor of going there instead — in fact, we would have gone to Bernard’s if it was open, but it’s a smaller establishment that is not open Monday or Tuesday.  Ah well.


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