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Sorry about the whole election-of-Scott-Brown thing, America.  Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos!  Actually, I think Kodos might’ve  been able to win, unlike Martha Coakley (who I did vote for — though not in the primary).  Mike Capuano is much more in line with my politics and a more passionate guy than Martha Coakley, which is why I chose him in the primary.

Anyway, Scott Brown is taking his horribly “old” 2005 GMC pickup truck to Washington, thanks in no small part to the voters of my town on the South Shore, where he won by a 2:1 margin.  My perspective on this, living in Massachusetts, is that this reflects mostly on the crappiness of Martha Coakley as a candidate and very little on the overall rejection of Democratic policies by Bay Staters.  Scott Brown ran a fraudulent campaign.  None of his ads mention that he is, in fact, a Republican.  Why?  Republicans and Republican policies are overwhelmingly unpopular in Massachusetts.  (Yes, they are popular with some people here — but not enough to win state-wide election).  He claimed that he supports health-care reform, but not the Democratic bill, which he vows to block.  That apparently resonated with many Obama voters.  (Despite the loss for Coakley, polls here show Obama is very popular among registered voters — it’s just that many Obama voters didn’t show up for Coakley).  Half of the Obama voters who switched to Brown said that the health-care bill doesn’t go far enough.  Inexplicably, though, they voted for a guy who says he supports health-care reform… but will now proceed to block any and all health-care reform bills.  Also, local talk radio basically went silent with the usual loony bullshit.  There was about a 2-week window prior to the election during which the hosts suddenly pretended to respect the ideas and wishes of left-leaning independent and moderate Democratic voters in Massachusetts, instead of calling them commie traitor moonbats.  Suddenly all the people in my neighborhood believe that this is a guy they can vote for — he’s not like the other Republicans!  Why did they believe that?  Because Martha Coakley didn’t press him — she went on vacation instead.  Scott Brown, who supports water-boarding as a means for interrogation, should’ve been made to answer if he thought it was torture if it was done to his daughters, who he paraded around throughout the campaign.  Scott Brown, who voted to allow hospitals the ability to deny emergency contraception to patients after they’d been raped, should have been made to answer how he would’ve responded if a hospital followed his own proposed legislation had one of his own daughters been raped and gone to such a hospital.  Martha Coakley did not hold his feet to the fire, and instead a content-free personality contest decided who would win.  Yes, she put out “attack ads” (which he whined about and said he would “consider suing over” — and didn’t, because they’re entirely true), but that is not the same as personally confronting him and making the point to him in a personal way that voters relate to.

Oh, and Brown voters, let me just remind you — the sun rises in the East, water is wet, and you should brush your teeth twice a day.  I mention this only because you people seem to have the fucking shortest goddamn memory of anyone on the planet! I’m sure that a Republican will do an awesome job representing the economic interests of Massachusetts.  After all, their track record is great.  😐

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