Carl Edwards is a douchebag

Carl Edwards and like-minded fans will point to any number of incidents prior to his intentional wrecking of Brad Keselowski with 2 laps to go at Atlanta today as a means to justify it.  Here are the facts:

  1. Carl Edwards was 156 laps down.
  2. Carl Edwards attempted to hit Keselowski on the previous lap and missed.  He went at him again in the next lap, ultimately succeeding.
  3. Carl Edwards’ hands can be seen turning the wheel right into Keselowski.  (This just in:  There are no right turns at Atlanta Motor Speedway).
  4. Carl Edwards took the lives of Keselowski, other drivers, and fans into his hands for no reason.
  5. Carl Edwards could’ve also wrecked any other number of drivers trying to make a top-10 finish.  Unlike Edwards, there are guys in the Cup series going race-to-race, trying to keep a sponsor, and a wrecked car could’ve easily broken them.  If Edwards is to be taken at his word (“I didn’t mean to flip him”), then clearly he had no control over the impact of his actions.

I get that Keselowski wrecked Edwards at Talladega (while they were both going for the win, and in a situation that both drivers and all observers agreed was not intentional).  I get that Edwards was mad that Keselowski’s minor nudge on lap 40 wrecked Edwards’ car.  I get that there are some people who don’t like Brad Keselowski as a person.  But, none of that changes the above 5 facts.  Hey, I’m all for settling scores on the last lap if you’re both going for the win.  What Edwards did was careless, dangerous, and contemptuous of the fans who actually go to the races.

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2 Responses to “Carl Edwards is a douchebag”

  1. oldag says:

    If you can read this, you are not a NASCAR fan.

  2. Carl says:

    It seems to me Hamlin and Edwards want a “free pass” to drive anywhere they like and rookies and underfunded teams are suppose to get out of there way. There’s a difference between intentionally taking someone out and not giving someone room to make a pass because they are a veteran. Besides how fast do you think you can check your speed when you are going 150+ miles per hour. Do you really want to watch racing where everyone is giving Carl Edwards and Denny Hamline space when they can’t pick a line and stay there until there is adequate room to make a move. I think most racers agree they are not going to lift on the last lap if they have any part of there car alongside the leader. If I was leading and tried to block and got taken out I don’t have anyone to blame but myself and could only hope that some piece of my car got across the finish line first. Carl and Denny should quit crying I don’t have any respect for either one of them. Truth is Brad Keslowski is a hell of a driver and one of the reasons I watch racing. Some of these guy’s are so full of themselves they think people are going to watch them go around in a circle for three hours. There are plenty of guy’s out there that will step up and take there spot if they can’t handle it. Carl and Denny beware, maybe Brad will be 100 laps down next week when you are headed for the checker! I love it and there will be more fans than ever watching.