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Whole Foods Christmas Dinner Review

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

My wife & I ordered Christmas Dinner from Whole Foods again this year.  We’ve ordered Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners there before and have been impressed.  It’s a decent value for what you get, and the food is usually quite good.  This year, $79.99 bought me some green beans with almonds, bread stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and 4 to 6 pounds in turkey.  This is designed to feed 4 people.  The mushroom gravy (“vegan”) is really delicious, so I like to substitute that out for the default turkey gravy.  Unfortunately, my Whole Foods (in Hingham, MA) seems to be slipping in its execution for this.  Things started off badly this year when I went to pick up my food (on Christmas Eve), and they were unable to provide me any kind of meaningful instructions for reheating my turkey.  I’ve gotten this before, so I thought my meal would be the same, but the turkey they provided was not the prepped, bagged turkey — it was catered turkey in a roasting pan.  Both are pre-cooked, but the preparation was different, and this one lacked the turkey farm’s bag that had instructions printed on it.  So, they gave me the Whole Foods instructions — which were blatantly incorrect.  After 3 calls to the deli to try to get instructions, the lady working there decided that I should preheat my oven to 325 and heat my turkey for 20 to 30 minutes.  For 4 to 6 pounds of meat.  Yeah, no.  Okay, I’m from Texas, and I know a bit about both cooking and heating meat, and that isn’t even close.  I wanted the instructions from them about how to prepare it with seasoning & not dry it out, but they were hopeless.  I kept insisting it was wrong, and she was oblivious, so I just paid & left.  (Preheating to 350, putting the bird on a roasting rack, covering with foil, and putting 2 cups of chicken broth in the bottom of the pan while heating for 2 hours did the trick — came out moist & delicious).

On the day of heating (Christmas), I discovered several new problems with my meal.  First, the amount of potatoes was both skimpy and seemingly wrong.  I bought a 4-person meal for Thanksgiving from Whole Foods, and they gave me at least twice as many potatoes.  This was confirmed when I looked at the portion size — 8oz — and noted the package size:  24oz.  That’s right, they gave me 3 servings of potatoes for 4 people.  Next, I discovered the sell-by date for my cranberries:  November 30th.  Yes, they really did give me cranberries that were 4 weeks past their sell-by date.  I quickly double-checked the rest of the dates to make sure they were ok, but I had to throw out the cranberries.  Maybe they froze them.  Maybe they didn’t — I have no way of knowing, and that’s the point.  Overall, the food was good (especially the pecan pie I bought at Whole Foods to add to it) and easy to prepare, but I won’t buy another meal from them after this disaster.  My parents ran out of potatoes during the meal, and the bad service at the store just isn’t worth it.  Honeybaked Ham Company does pre-made holiday meals as well, so I’ll give them a shot next time.